Random photos of Eirik Hanssen


Walking home from the airport.


Barbeque and longboard St. Haugen in Oslo

Henning Fredriksen in the slalom slope

Looking good, Henning fredriksen from Gi Gass, a student group at the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences, is cruising down the slalom lane we set up at St. Haugen. Click images above to access the photo shoot from this event.

May 28 2008 - Acrobatics Practice at the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences

Capoeira Girl

Bodø in the winter

From the shore

From the shore close to my home. There was a cool breeze in the air. As I was taking pictures of the distant mountains, I noticed a sea eagle flying straight above my head.

Sea Eagle

The shore

The moon

The moon

The moon is the lightsource of the clouds. Across the fjord you can see the bridge of saltstraumen.



Picture taken december 22nd, the day after the shortest day in the year in Bodø, northern Norway. This mountainrange is called Børvastindene and can be seen from my home.